USP: Rejuvenating the mind, body and soul

I t is like looking through absinthe — everything is awash in green. Undulating swatches of lawns, coconut plantations, vegetable patches, tulsi in brindavans in front of every cottage — just green, green and then some more. The eyes feel rested. The quiet is heady.

The unwinding begins even before we reach Maitreyi Vedic Resort. In fact, a little out of Pollachi and the tension begins to ebb. Thoughts of giving it all up and migrating to this patch of rural bliss become urgent.

The resort is sanctuary-like, keeping the mad, bad world at bay. Twenty five acres of freshness, and a view that includes the Anamalai Hills, in the Western Ghats. What else does one need?

Plonk down on the charming red oxide benches outside your cottage. You have a ringside seat to Mother Nature's lavish production. A concert of bird song, where insects provide the background score; streams gurgle and trees shush, keeping time.

Like the ashrams of yore, Maitreyi has been created following Vastu Shastra. Everything has a reason to be where it is. The cottages are elegant, simple and very comfortable.

So, what do you do all day? Several things, only if you want to. Transcendental meditation is one of them. The resort offers its guests a short course. According to Uwe, who is German, and runs The Vedic Village, “The idea is to spread the knowledge contained in the Vedas.” So, it is about simple living and high thinking. A ramble around the property and we spot neatly laid out vegetable plots (all organic), fruit trees and beaming cows in their shed. There is yoga for those who prefer to deep breathe their way into the day.

If all that pure air and scenery gets too much, seek refuge in a massage. Just book yourself for an Ayurvedic spa. Maitreyi offers its guests a variety, ranging from an hour-long rejuvenating session to one that lasts up to three weeks for specific health-related treatments.

If it is detox of the mind, body and soul you are looking for, then Maitreyi is pretty much your place. Simple meals are served in the dining room. The resort is pure vegetarian and, for all you satvik souls out there, onions and garlic are not used either.

A big hall doubles as a conference room, or in case of music and dance concerts, as an auditorium.


Room rent per person: Single occupancy – Rs. 1,200/day + 12.5 per cent tax

Double occupancy – Rs. 1,500/day + 12.5 per cent tax

Private cottage (double occupancy) – Rs. 1,650/day + 12.5 per cent tax

Extra person or child - Rs. 500/day

Fixed Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, evening tea/milk, dinner is Rs. 450/day per person (all inclusive)

For details contact: 04253-288763/ 093616-04000 or visit

How to get there

Maitreyi – The Vedic Village is in Ishwaramalai on the Panapallam Road near the Aliyar dam. The nearest town is Pollachi (24 km). The nearest airport is Coimbatore.

Things to do

Go on day trips to the nearby Aliyar Dam, picnic spots near the waterfalls.

Visit ancient temples.

Go on a shopping excursion to Coimbatore and Palakkad (64 km from the resort).

Source:The hindu

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