SHOGHI at Shimla

USP: Hear the sound of silence

‘Delhi 349 km away. Chandigarh 49 km away. Stress far, far away.' That is the signage at Aamod in Shoghi, a place so still that birds usher in the dawn with an orchestra of their own.

Sitting by the window, I watch tiny drops of gentle rain fall off the leaves of walnut trees outside my cottage, slant across the pathways, rough and untampered with, all the way down to the forests, full of timeless trees where leaves kiss and tease each other. With such lovely scenery, who needs a Nature walk, I think.

The afternoon is only a shade different. The Sun now smiles benignly, then happily shares space with clouds; together, they form a nice patchwork of light and shadow.

Soon, it is time to venture out, and experience some adventure thrills by the cliff. Flying Fox challenges you to bring out the Spiderman in you. There is Burma Bridge that respects only the nimble-footed. There is a tyre ladder that stretches every sinew. Then, there is mountain biking too.

Too much for a calm, quiet day? Yes, so I quietly head to the spa at the hilltop. Here, the cool breeze ruffles my hair. Then, the fingers of the expert in-charge ease out the pain I never knew existed in my shoulders. A quick shower is followed by a nice Himachali lunch at Colonial, the restaurant that prides itself on its multi-cuisine offerings.

Dusk comes with another concert, this time provided by little nocturnal inhabitants, stepping out of their nooks and crevices. Butterflies, bright and beautiful, find their leaves and trunks, and trees — cedar, alder, pine and walnut — each of whom has a cottage named after it, all sway in the mood.

Just behind the mountains, the Sun fades away, bowing in respect one last time. Silver-lined clouds cast their shadow on the hills. Others let the Sun's balmy presence be felt on the other side of the hills. The result? Each side is drenched in different shades of green.

Aamod, which means ‘joy' in Sanskrit, lives up to its name. Here, you can hear the sound of silence. Experience the thrill of adventure. Soak in the bliss of a relaxing massage. Then, just step out to realise that there is joy beyond metropolises.

Source: The Hindu


Alisha Lopej said...

Aamod at Shoghi is a place where your romance with nature continues located in oak and pine forest near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh.
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Alisha Lopej said...

Aamod at Shimla' is set on virgin forest lands, providing guests with modern comforts in tastefully decorated cottages amidst dense forests. The dense forest cover provides for pleasant days and cool nights even in peak summers. Here, we would like to put down a few points for you to know the property better:
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